Robert Crawford conducts classes and workshops in his studio at 550 Main St. Bethlehem. Please email me with any questions.


Even though the emphasis is on acrylics the very basics of painting will be covered like drawing, composition, color, and how and where to get inspiration. Oil painters are definitely  welcome and encouraged! 


We have easels at the studio or tables for use. 

Subject matter will be the choice of the student. I will be happy to help if the student needs help to choose.


tracing paper

paper towels

canvas or panel

Ampersand Panels are nice or Fredrix prestreched canvas

palette- can be the disposable kind or a butcher tray which works great or even a sheet of wax paper.


Windsor Newton are good. I prefer the "Scepter Gold" line. They are good and somewhat inexpensive.


If using Acrylic I like Golden brand but Winsor Newton and Liquitex are nice too. 

Golden matte medium for thinning paint


Masterson's covered palettes

transfer paper

butcher trays


house painting brushes